The Alphabetic Ocean

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Dear Kwil Kids & Kwilsters,

Kwilville’s on The Alphabetic Ocean,
Sometimes called The Kwil Sea!
Teaching Kwil Kids to read and write
Is our village’s pride, joy, specialty!

Depth-sounding education is essential…
As the most weathered old salts know!
It’s about awareness and understanding
When life’s wackiest wind doth blow!
(Life-long literacy is so much more …
Than just tapping out Morse Code!)

With love from Kwilville Bay,
(where bottled letters from far away wash up every day… and we answer them for play! Hip hip hip… hooray!)

:-) Kwil

Keep your pencils moving and your keyboards tapping! Text-based learning keeps your brain’s synapses zippity-zap-zap-zapping!

Playful Perfectionism

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Dear Kwil Kids & Kwilsters,

When I’m creating and connecting
It’s the meaning in what we say!
But when rehearsing a needed skill…
High warmth and high expectations…
Always lead the fun-filled way!
I use warmth and humour…
For full-on ‘perfectionistic’ play!

When teaching children to print, I sing:

Mr. Picky….You’re the one!
You make printing… So much fun!
Mr. Picky says:
“Make the round parts round
And the straight parts straight!
Show me printing….
That’s really GREATTTT!”

With love from the printing desk,
(where we only feel pride when we repeatedly give our very best!)

:-) Kwil

Keep your pencil moving and your keyboard tapping! By learning and rehearsing we keep our brain zippity-zapping!