Meet Kwil!


Kwil is a frizzy-fuzzy green-nosed poet and pen pal for children (and “inner children”)  around the world. As a global cheerleader for wisdom, wonder, and wellness, he champions literacy, creativity, and inspiration for the realization of each soul’s unique potential.

Kwil works, plays, and learns with Kalen Marquis, a writer and wordsmith who works as a teacher-librarian and counsellor and Jill Hope Johnson, a community education consultant, entertainment writer, and web series producer.

Kwil believes that when it comes to wisdom, wonder, and wellness, we don’t have a Kwillisecond to wait! :-) As Mr. Marquis says, “When it comes to education, engagement is everything!”

Kwil and his frizzy-fuzzy, pink-nosed sister, Kwilette, are two popular educational mascots that create and connect with children (and “inner children”) with love, empathy, encouragement, and compassion. Together, they promote the joy of reading, writing and drawing–the wonder of words and symbols in all-important dialogue, poetry, and story.

In the words of Michelangelo, “It is only well with me when I have a chisel in my hands.” In the words of Kwil, “It is only well with me when I have a pencil in my hands.” And, of course, in the words of Kwilette, “It is only well with me when I have a paintbrush in my hands.”

If that’s not urgent and compelling enough, Kwil states with creative and connecting conviction that comes from the bottom of his frizzy-fuzzy toes, “If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a million billion trillion zillion Kwillion times,

‘Keep your pencil moving and your keyboard tapping!”

(After all, “A drop of ink may make Kwillions think!”)


SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES: Is my child too young to write to Kwil?

In a word, NO! Drawings sent by toddlers or the earliest literacy learners in which the child has drawn or “written” their own message to Kwil are very welcome. Older siblings or parents may provide a few word labels or some information on the back to help Kwil reply with understanding as well as his trademark enthusiasm but it’s not necessary. Remember: it’s ALWAYS about ENGAGEMENT and Kwil Kids are NEVER too young to “write” to Kwil or anyone who will write back to continue this all-important developmental dialogue. You or anyone you know, love, and trust can play this pivotal role in a child’s intellectual and emotional life.

In the profound and illuminating words of Dr. Bob Steele, drawing is “language in its own right and, when children practice it daily, it is almost as natural to them as speaking. It contributes to intellectual development and emotional health at a time when children are still struggling to learn the codes of literacy. . . Drawing-as-language withers on the vine without readily available materials and the ongoing interest and motivation of caring adults.”

As Michael Michalko writes, “When Einstein thought through a problem, he always found it necessary to formulate his subject in as many different ways as possible, including diagrammatically. He had a very visual mind. . . In fact, he believed that words and numbers, as they are written or spoken, did not play a significant role in his thinking process.”

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Creating and connecting with Kwil is exclusively for educational engagement and enjoyment. Kwil promotes the JOY of literacy and creativity only. While expressive writing and having a dialogue with Kwil may have inspirational, educational, creative, or other benefits, it cannot take the place of professional advice provided by a medical doctor, counsellor, life coach, or educational consultant.

Nothing can replace the wisdom of talking and writing to loving, responsible and trusted family members who may offer ongoing guidance and support. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom and strength. You are worth it!


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KWIL is a frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed poet and pen pal who has been transcending time and space by writing to Kwil Kids and Kwilsters for more than twenty years! It is his passion and purpose! :-)

KWIL champions the joy of  literacy, creativity, inspiration, and social-emotional learning. As Kwilville’s rhyming, chiming ambassador, Kwil creates and connects with Kwil Kids and Kwilsters with as much love, empathy, encouragement, and compassion, as an envelope can hold. His motto: “Keep your pencils moving and your keyboards tapping!”

KWIL is outrageously energetic and effusive in his frizzy-fuzzy love for all the Kwil Kids and Kwilsters in Kwilville! He encourages readers and writers of all ages through dialogue using his trademark “rhythm, rhyme & chime.” While Kwilette, Kwilbert, and Selfie get their fair share of mail, it is Kwil’s passion and purpose is to reply to every hand-written letter, story, and poem in “Kwiligraphy” using his own giggly, googly-eyed blend of “humour and heartstrings.”

KWIL’s journal, poetry, story and letter writing times are a frizzy-fuzzy fusion of affirmation, visualization, creativity, connection, frivolity and fun!. (After all, the greatest bean–alongside the mighty cocoa and jelly bean–is the one and only “human bean.” :-) Kwil also knows that the love of reading is inseparable from the love of writing which is why he also says: “Keep those pages turning and your imagination yearning! Read, read, read!” :-)